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Four Seasons, All Wonders: The Canadian Rockies All Year Round

The only right answer to the question “When is it the best to see the scenic views of the Canadian Rockies” is “It depends”. The Canadian Rockies are special all year long – they have something to offer to each and every visitor, no matter what time of the year it is.

In the spring, there are some hiking trails you can visit while here – the lower ones, of course, as many of the higher ones are still snowbound, and can be pretty dangerous due to the “avalanche season”. But there are enough valley-bottom trails to take to discover the blossoming wonders of nature reviving after a long, cold season. If you visit the area in the mid to late spring, you’ll probably still be able to see ice on the surface of Lake Louise.

Things get even more interesting in the summer when nature is in full bloom. And “nature” here means not only flowers and forest fruit but also animals that go on with their daily life, feeding and seeking a mate. In the summer, all trails become available for hikers – and not only those. The best time to visit Lake Louise is between June and September when you get to witness the amazing beauty of the lake itself and the surrounding mountains in full effect.

The early fall is another great time to visit the mountains thanks to the orgy of color covering its forests. This is when nature dresses up in its most amazing gown to say farewell to the world before a long, cold wintertime – the combinations of alpine greens and all shades of brown and yellow mixed up with the amazing sunsets of a wonderful red will give the area a unique, amazing atmosphere that’s hard to forget.

And in the winter everything is covered in the cold, pure icing of snow, seemingly giving the world a fresh start, a purifying touch that will cleanse it of all the bad memories of the year behind. Even if it’s cold, life doesn’t stop in the area – you can still explore the icy wonders of the forest on snowshoes, skis, even dog sleds, and snowmobiles. And when the ice becomes thick enough to be safe, you can also go skating on the surface of the lake.

So, when is the best time of the year to see the scenic views of the Canadian Rockies? Well, the answer is “each one of them”. Every season has its selection of wonders to explore that are breathtaking and unique.