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Wilderness First Aid Courses

Be Prepared for Your Canadian Rockies Backcountry Trip: Wilderness First Aid

Learning wilderness first aid in the Canadian Rockies.So if you’re reading this you obviously want to come to the Canadian Rockies and play outdoors in beautiful Banff National Park. And you’re probably aware that safety is important when you’re out in the backcountry, because if you or someone you’re with is injured, help may be a long time coming.

With this in mind, ever given further thought to taking a wilderness first aid course? Yamnuska Mountain Adventures hosts wilderness first aid courses by Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine, Canada (RMAM). This 10-day (80 hour) course is the industry standard for outdoor professionals; many tour companies based in Western Canada require this type of certification for their guides.

Yamnuska: your guides for every Canadian Rockies adventure.Wilderness first aid course topics include:

  • patient assessment system
  • body systems
  • environmental injuries/conditions
  • anaphylaxis, lifting/moving/extrication
  • patient carries
  • backcountry medicine
  • CPR

Topics are covered in-depth and includes simulations, according to Yamnuska. The course is recommended for outdoor professionals as well as for folks like us that enjoy outdoor recreation. If you’re going to spend an extended period in the backcountry — days or weeks at a time – this can be good knowledge to have.

Yamnuska’s course is recognized by Alberta Occupational Health and Safety as an Advanced First Aid certificate. In 2011 the course runs January 6 – 15; April 16 – 25; and October 27 – November 5. Yamnuska also offers a three-day recertification course. Courses take place at Yamnuska headquarters in Canmore — that makes it perfect to combine the course with a Canadian Rockies getaway.

Yamnuska Mountain Adventures

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Yamnuska Mountain Adventures

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